Following the suggestions in this manual will absolutely make life during and after divorce much smoother!

This book regarding divorce is in manual format because it is designed to be used by men and we are use to reading all sorts of manuals. It is business-like and very matter-of-fact and to the point. While divorce is undoubtedly a difficult process, by following what is outlined here, you can possibly minimize any negative impact it will have on all the parties involved, save some money and still learn to enjoy life.

This is not a women-bashing book, either. The manual advocates men taking responsibility and being accountable while at the same time self-protecting. It is not advocating against women, it is just the opposite. By following this manual, men will make better decisions and in the end that is best for all the parties involved. You can do this! Remain calm, concerned for your children, and professional.

S. (Shane) Perry Mallory

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