Readers' Comments:

- "Where were you when I needed you! I think that starting the book before you have actually made the decision gives you so many more options. I was way too emotional once I became involved in the court system. Starting the book with the decision gives us men perspective before we are thrown into the legal system. My experience would not have been as horrific if I had the book, but even now post divorce it has helped a great deal, thank you!".

- "You have written a very specific informational guide that will be most helpful to so many men! The fact that it is such easy reading and has a humorous side, it can't help but be a hit! This book will help a lot of men!!!!!!!"

- "Someone had to write it.... Not a pretty subject and let's hope you never need the book. But if you do, this is a sensitively-written manual."

-" A useful guide for dealing with a very turbulent time in your life from a obviously caring and knowledgeable individual."